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Yi Fu Chun – Yezi Tea

Yi Fu ChunHello Yezi Tea!  How did it take me so long to discover you?  I saw mentions of Jin Jun Meis on Steepster and asked which one I should try first.  The consensus  was that Yezi’s was the best.  I went to their site and found their Super Sample Promotion.  You can try three samples and pay only $2.95 shipping.  Oh HELL yeah!  I ordered the Jin Jun Mei, Jin Pin and this cup of deliciousness.I love Fujian blacks and this is no exception.  This is a  sweet cup of tea.  The dry leaves are wee twisty bits of black and gold and smell slightly chocolatey.  I would have loved to spend time with this one over several steeps but today was not the day for that, so I brewed the 5 gram sample in 14 ounces of 205 water for 4 minutes.

The liquor is a golden amber and the aroma is sweet with a little cocoa.  The first sip was sweet, sweet molasses malt.  It isn’t a really full-bodied tea, more medium and it is smooooooooth.  Not a lot of bottom here but nice and lively with peachy fruit dancing through it.

I don’t get the smoke Yezi mentions for this tea, but I do get a little tobacco bite at the back end of the sip.  This won’t be a morning tea for me, but is perfect for the afternoon.  What comes through the most for me is sweet harmony.  Like the Everly Brothers (and RIP Phil).

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I like to taste. I especially like to taste tea. Feeling fortunate to live in beautiful Austin, Texas where our farmers markets are open year round, our restaurant scene is exploding and I can have spectacular tea delivered from all over the world. In addition to tea and food, I love music, gardening and yoga. All of those things will likely creep in here. Good tea almost always makes me hear music and I usually share that as well. I’m opinionated, irreverent, frequently foul-mouthed and passionate about what I love (and what I don’t). Come taste with me!

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