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Full-Steam Organic Black – Hugo Tea Company


Whoa Daddy!  This is some spectacular tea!  Hugo says this tea is for “Tiger-Taming, Early Mornings and Getting on with it.”  Well, its 4:30 am and I’ve got a passel of tigers to tame today so the tea chose itself this morning.  I’m purring happily over this tea and yep, I’m hearing Buck Owens.

I have to start by saying I love this tea company.  I know almost nothing about them, but I like their style. The Hugo website is really well done and their packaging is beautiful.  The tins are nice and airtight with an inner lid that will keep the tea fresh. I ordered this and some of their Rest-Easy herbal after reading a review of this one on Steepster.  I ordered two tins of the Full-Steam and I’m oh so glad I did.

Directions on the website are straightforward and start with, “Get water and make it hot.”  They also make a point that most people use too much tea and how you will be tempted to use more than the 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water they recommend but entreat you to trust them and go with their measurements.   I’m normally a teaspoon-heaper, but I trusted these folks to know their tea.  So that’s what I did.  2 teaspoons of leaf in roughly 16 ounces of water at 205 for 4 minutes.

And the tigers purred.  Hot damn this is good!  I wondered at first because it brewed up much lighter than I expected.  But the first sip – grainy malty honey mouth.  There is a little caramel, a little chocolate and something I just can’t quite place almost a slight muscat in the back.  Zero astringency – just smoooooth sweet malty loveliness.  There is a bit of a little “catch” on the middle of my tongue.  The toasted grain aftertaste tastes like breakfast.  On re-steeping, the flavors mellow out with the various notes becoming less discernible, but still very nice.  This is perfect morning tea and one that will always have a place in my cupboard because there are lots of tigers out there that need taming.  95/100.

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I like to taste. I especially like to taste tea. Feeling fortunate to live in beautiful Austin, Texas where our farmers markets are open year round, our restaurant scene is exploding and I can have spectacular tea delivered from all over the world. In addition to tea and food, I love music, gardening and yoga. All of those things will likely creep in here. Good tea almost always makes me hear music and I usually share that as well. I’m opinionated, irreverent, frequently foul-mouthed and passionate about what I love (and what I don’t).

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