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Balin Gongfu Black – Teavivre


Breakfast tea this morning.  I have been looking forward to trying this.  I like Fujian blacks very much and this one is really affordable.  I brewed this western style as usual for a weekday morning, around 200 and steeped for 4 minutes.  The liquor is deep and reddish with a slightly malty aroma.

First sip has a rich mouthfeel.  I suspected it would be more astringent than I normally like, but other than a slight sharpness on the tip of my tongue this is very well-behaved.

Nicely balanced with between malt, caramel and floral notes this hits all the right spots for me.  There is a pleasant sweetness that makes this really appealing.  This is the best tea I’ve tried so far from Teavivre and one I am likely to keep permanently stocked.

King Floyd works for this tea.

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I like to taste. I especially like to taste tea. Feeling fortunate to live in beautiful Austin, Texas where our farmers markets are open year round, our restaurant scene is exploding and I can have spectacular tea delivered from all over the world. In addition to tea and food, I love music, gardening and yoga. All of those things will likely creep in here. Good tea almost always makes me hear music and I usually share that as well. I’m opinionated, irreverent, frequently foul-mouthed and passionate about what I love (and what I don’t). Come taste with me!

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